Mould hot runner selection skills and methods of use

Hot runner selection and use

The hot runner system is a relatively complex technology in the field of injection molding. There are a number of issues that need to be considered when mold design and manufacturer and mold users choose and purchase hot runner systems. Thanks to the experts in the industry who have listed 17 military regulations, Aibang Polymer has carefully organized and specially distributed to the bosses who want to buy the hot runner system:

Hot runner supplier selection

When designing a hot runner mold, the mold manufacturing company does not simply go to the hot runner supplier to buy a hot runner system and put it on the mold. From the conceptual design stage of the hot runner mold to the actual production process of the mold, to the final use of the mold, there are many close and close technical and trade coordination between the mold manufacturing company and the hot runner supplier. Cooperation; so mold manufacturing companies and mold users should choose hot runner suppliers.

When choosing a hot runner supplier, focus on two basic aspects:

1. Number and quality of hot runner components

The hot runner system has three types: hot tip type, SPRUEGATING and VALVE GATING. Each type can be subdivided into many product lines. For example, the diameter of the runner cross section in the hot tip nozzle (NOZZLE) can vary from 4 mm to 12 mm, and the nozzle is also made into a product series of different sizes. There are also many variations of nozzle gate inserts to meet different application requirements, so the hot runner supplier's product line is as rich as possible.

In this way, the user can have greater selectivity of the hot runner components, and the type, size and weight of the plastic parts produced by the hot runners are wider, which is more advantageous for optimizing the injection molding process and product quality.

Ordinary valve needle system.

When injection molding plastic products, the hot runner system and the hot runner mold are operated under high temperature and high pressure load conditions. There are many factors that cause the failure of the components of the hot runner system, and the injection molding process is mainly applied to the production of large-scale plastic parts; once there is any shutdown, the economic loss is very serious.

Ordinary open system.

Therefore, the quality and reliability of the hot runner system is very important. Customers should have an in-depth understanding of the quality and application history of hot runner components produced by hot runner suppliers. Some of the better hot runner manufacturers have been certified by international organizations as ISO quality standards.

2. Technical support and after-sales service

When using hot runner molds, in addition to the reliable hot runner system, users should consider whether there is a problem with the hot runner and whether they can get timely and effective technical support and after-sales service.

Many hot runner suppliers have a strong technical support and service network in the countries and regions where their company headquarters are located, and are equipped with full-time service staff who can access customers at any time for troubleshooting. However, in other countries and regions where their companies are away from their headquarters, these companies often only have some offices that focus on the sales of hot runner products. Technical support is relatively inferior, and users should pay attention to this factor.