What is a Good Plastic Pail Mould (I)?

There would be doubts when you find a plastic injection mould maker for your plastic pail moulds. We have to see that the plastic injection mould is the fundamental tool for making your quality products, thus we offer the related tips for confirming the quality of the bucket moulds as our decades year experience in manufacturing them.


To make it easier to understanding, make the 20L plastic paint bucket mould as an example. And as the long article should not be too long, we make it into two bursts.


1. The product design

Why list the product design? It seems to be independent before the mould manufacturing. But it plays the key role in making a plastic injection mould. If you or the suppliers do not pay attention to it, the troubles will follow you till the mould stop work.

For the 20L plastic bucket, we should check the basic function for it and any special requirement, then we get a bucket design, and check it with the mould flow analysis with continuous improvement to ensuring the best injection molding process.

2.The mould design

When the product design is pretty good, the experience of the mould design would make it important to a fantastic mould design. What it should be related is not only about the bucket molding structure, but the production capacity, mould life and convenient maintenance for your worker.

Such as one of our 20L bucket mould, as the high speed running, we choose DIN1.2738 with Cube insert for the major parts, with the valve gate system and well-designed cooling system, which can achieve the fastest and stable running in high speed condition.


These two steps can be regarded as the pretty important processes for manufacturing the quality plastic pail mould, so when you’d like to check the how the mould quality would be, talk with your suppliers about these, then you can see how it would be.


Next article will showing the rest of the tips on how a good plastic bucket mould is, if you’d like to see it at once, welcome to follow us.

If you have the plastic paint bucket to start manufacturing, kindly message us for a further discussion.