What Is A Good Plastic Pail Mould (II)?

3. The mould tooling
If it do well in the step 1 and 2, the mould tooling will be very easy if the tooling equipment is precision and the workers are responsible.
For the round bucket, the main points are about acentric (mould life and the quality of bucket in the long term) and sealing property (quality of the bucket), thus it would require the higher precision of the tooling equipment.
For this part, kindly confirm the equipment info of the suppliers.
And one of the key processes is the QC, if the suppliers have the complete QC system to control the mould part precision, it will be very well.

4. The mould testing
This mould testing is still necessary even if the above steps controlled well. Anyway, practice makes perfect.
Check the way for the mould testing, as most of you cannot arrive at the suppliers at every time, so confirm the way at first. Normally, the basic is that testing the mould by molding the product met your requirement, but it’s far from enough.
The best testing is simulated production, make it run as in your factory, and then check that if all of the mould action and products are good enough. As for the time, it would be different, if for the 20L plastic bucket mould, usually the simulated production could be kept for 24 hours (it can be required). And you can get the finished bucket with the mould together for marketing quicker.
If the project is suitable, the small order would be best: keep the mould in suppliers, and place small order for the product, so if there are still some small problems, the expert team could improve it quicker.

5. The mould running
This is the last but not least, because it can check the previous steps well or not, and time would tell you the truth, which could help you and your suppliers to be better as well.
From above all, you can see that a good plastic paint bucket mould can be easy but also not easy, which mostly depends on the degree of specialization suppliers. Hope it could help you knowing the basic tips for confirming the plastic bucket mould.

If you have the plastic paint bucket to start manufacturing, kindly message us for a further discussion.